UNR Student Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Engineer Intern Checklist

UNR Student Intern (FE Exam) Application Checklist

-           I am a current student at UNR enrolled in an engineering program

-          I am a native citizen of the USA.  If not, documentation of the right to remain and work in the USA must be provided. * (see NAC 625.210.3) For example: Alien Green Card, Permanent Resident Card, US Passport, etc.

-          Application forms (4 pages, typewritten, signed and notarized, current photo on page 1, and all questions answered)

-          College Transcripts ordered – must be sent by College to Board Office

-          Child Support Declaration

-          Check or money order for appropriate application fee of $30 (Make payable to Nevada Board of PE & LS)

All items except transcripts must be received by College of Engineering Associate Dean’s Office no later than 4:30 p.m. on August 30, 2013 to be considered to take the exam in October 2013.  Transcripts must be mailed to the Nevada Board office directly from the University.

You may call the Nevada Board office at 775-688-1231 or email us at board@boe.state.nv.us if you have any questions.